Monday, January 12, 2009


Hands down, the #1 question I'm asked by readers and quilters/crafters is "What inspires you?". I have so many answers that they always end up regretting they asked. So, for those of you that are wondering the same thing, it's probably best that, from time to time, I post a little blurb about something that gives me inspiration.

One of my biggest sources of inspiration is children and, especially, toddlers. They crack me up. It's almost ridiculous (and sometimes embarrassing) how hard I can laugh watching a baby doing something goofy. But it's one of the best feelings in the world! They usually have no idea that they're the ones causing the laughing and that's what makes it even sillier. But my granddaughter, Lily, has developed a little sense of humor and she knows it. She'll do some bizarre little thing and then look at me like "So...are you gonna laugh now?" And, of course, I do.

Here's something I watch when I need a break and some inspiration. If you don't laugh at this...well... there's something wrong. I just watched it again and, as always, laughed 'til there were tears in my eyes. If you want to witness complete, unbridled glee, take a look. I hope it gives you a good, healthy laugh and lots of inspiration too!

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