Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congratulations to our latest winner!

I love being able to start off the day by telling someone they've won a prize! Tina Romo submitted an answer to our question, "What's your favorite Halloween trick or treat?", and her name was drawn from all of the entrants. She's won a tower of 29 fat quarters from my Dot-to-Dot collection from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. That's more than 7 yards of fabric! Congratulations, Tina, and I hope you enjoy the prize. Of course, we'd love to see photos of anything you make using the fabrics ;-)

We had more responses to this contest than any other we've held and really enjoyed all of your submissions. I hope you had a chance to read through them and enjoy them, too. If so, maybe you've gotten some new ideas for your next Halloween celebration? I know I had some good laughs from some of the answers and was also reminded of lots of Halloweens past. Great fun and great memories!

I'll be spending the day, again, getting my studio ready to open. I decided I wanted to try out having a space to work in that I could share with fellow creative types and offer classes and open sewing/crafting sessions. I found while working with the Dam Quilters in Boulder City that I love having the instant feedback on my designs and that I'm more inspired to create when I'm in the midst of other creative people (especially when they like what I'm working on!). I'm sure we'll also be holding some fun retreats there and maybe you'll want to join us for those? If you're local to the Phoenix area, I hope you'll consider spending some time with us there. Keep an eye out here for details. You can also subscribe to my email list and join the local discussion here for updates.

Time for me to get to work....

Don't you have something creative you should be doing? ;-)


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  1. Congratulations to Tina, that is going to be a fun bundle to quilt with.
    I am finally thinking of art quilts again and some ideas to use my ribbon fabric.