Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lazy works for me

So, as I said before, I'm opening a small studio in Phoenix. Yesterday was another day of the usual...

The city was supposed to send an inspector on Monday to approve turning on the electricity (nothing better to do, I guess) Of course there's a hefty fee for this and I still can't tell why that's necessary because it took all of 5 minutes when he finally showed up yesterday (Monday wasn't good for him even though we had an appointment).

So once he gave his blessing on our having electricity, the power company sent out a guy to install a meter. Why? There's already a meter there. It was the only meter turned off for the building but he said it didn't have our suite number on it so he refused to turn on the power even though it was the right meter. Many phone calls and much wasted time later, another guy comes out and says it's no problem the number wasn't on it and turns it on. This is AFTER the carpet cleaner showed up...needing the electricity we should have had the day before.

The carpet cleaner is another story altogether. He didn't end up needing the electricity after all. He told us it would be more expensive to clean the carpet than to replace it. Unbelievable. How can that be? These guys didn't want to do their jobs. The carpet cleaner actually admitted that he tells his customers to schedule early in the day because if you're his last call, the job doesn't get done well...or at all in our case.

So Gary went on a rampage and ripped the carpet out of the place and we're going to have new's a reward for what we've had to go through so far. Maybe I should hire some other lazy person so we can justify a 60" flat screen TV on the wall ;-)

Maybe today is when the fun starts? ;-) Hope you have a good one!


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