Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bright Christmas

As promised, here's a peek at the next in my line of holiday patterns. I call this one Bright Christmas. It's another table runner and placemat pattern because that's what I've gotten the most requests for lately. Now's the time to get started making your holiday gifts and table runners or a set of placemats would be great because they're easy to make in a short amount of time and inexpensive too. (FYI, if you click on the pattern cover photos I post here, you can view a full-sized version.)

The newest patterns will be available to purchase within the week so visit my website to order!

I hope you're having a great holiday weekend :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dedicated to grandmas everywhere

Here's my latest to hit the marketplace. Sugar & Spice is a table runner and coordinating placemats pattern in a warm, more "country" home look. I designed these to be made from some of my yarn-dyed Kona Colorworks by Patrick Lose for Robert Kaufman Fabrics but you could even make it in bright contemporary Christmas colors. If you have kids or grandkids around your house during the holiday season, this will put a twinkle in their eyes (similar to the one brought on by a kick-ass sugar buzz but without all of the fallout).

My inspiration for this one came from memories of my grandma's kitchen during the week before the holidays. Our entire huge family would get together on Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house and those times are my fondest childhood memories of Christmas. During the week before, my grandma and anyone who cared to help would bake cookies or make candies until there wasn't a place left to store them. (The only difference is that it was her famous molasses cookies, not gingerbread, that I remember and miss the most.) All of the cookies would be stacked in brand new shirt boxes layered in wax paper, and hidden where we couldn't get into them. Either Grandma wasn't very good at finding hiding spots or she intentionally put them where we could sneak one now and then in between the ones she gave us. She was the perfect grandma and, even though she's been gone for two decades, I still miss her and the things she would bake. So this one is dedicated to Grandma :)

I've got another one ready to show you, too, but I have other things I need to accomplish today so check back, maybe tomorrow, to see the next in line! It's one of my favorites to date.

Thanks for looking in on me :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another busy weekend

Although the weekend was filled with work, I still enjoyed it because I started one of the projects for my next book from C&T Publishing. I can't tell you what kind of projects will be included in this one yet but it will be a bunch of very practical and useful pieces that are fun and easy to make. I know...that pretty much sounds like most of what I design but I can't think of a better way to describe them.

Some of the gang at Cotton Fields Quilt and Knit here in the Phoenix area will be getting together with me for another Project Party like the last one we had with the ladies from Quiltz. I'm sure this one will be as fun as the last and I'm really looking forward to working with some more talented quilters from the area on this next book.

A Patrick Lose Christmas is selling very well so it sounds like a lot of you are gearing up for the holidays already. That's great news and now you'll be able to find even more Christmas designs in the quilt shops or on my website. For those of you who aren't quite ready to start Christmas quilting just yet, check out my Halloween designs.

There are still quite a few more holiday and winter designs coming so stay tuned! Thanks for looking in on me :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Introducing "Wintry Welcome"

I designed Wintry Welcome during one of the hottest weeks here in Phoenix recently...temps around 115 every day. It's not hard to figure out why I had snow on my mind.

This new pattern is a great one for anyone new to satin stitch appliqué. There are a lot of straight lines but enough curves for "turning" practice. Satin stitching in black rayon embroidery thread from Robison-Anton gives this guy a "cartoony" look. I used an opalescent white thread to quilt the entire piece in a loopy meandering path that gives the impression of the snow blowing around. It makes a great door banner for all of the winter season...not only the holidays.

I hope you like him!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A sneak peek

My knowledge of blogging is limited to this: If I type what I want to appear in a post in the little box that comes up when I click "New Post" it just magically shows up here. I can even post a pic, color the type, and create a link to another page. It's not that I'm stupid...just too busy to spend the time on learning much beyond that. (Sometimes I'm stupid, too.)

I know my friend Jami, back in Iowa, has tried to post a comment to the blog and it wouldn't allow her to. I had no answers because I'm oblivious. But I decided to look around my settings and, lo and behold, it was set to only receive comments from members. I hadn't even paid attention to whether or not there were comments because I was getting emails and that was fine with me.

I've changed the settings and, if you'd like, you can now make posts to this blog and maybe we can get a little interaction going among us. Of course, if the spammers start bombarding me, the settings will be changed back. But, in the meantime, feel free to be the first to comment.

I also found out that I could create a link to allow you to email posts to your friends. So, if you know someone who might be interested in what I have going on here, please send them a link to join us. The more the merrier.

Here's a bit of a tease. The guy in the opening photo is coming soon. Check back later for the whole picture! :)

Thanks for checking in on me and for being patient with the "oblivious guy".

Monday, August 4, 2008

More on the way....

Thanks very much for the response to "Happy Haunting!" I love to hear what you think of my new designs. That's the main reason I post them here; so I can get your take on the things I have in the works. I try to offer what you ask for or what I see missing in the marketplace. For those of you who don't have my email address, it's

Starting out this entry is another "teaser" photo of the next pattern coming. Give it a click to see the pattern cover. It's not quite ready to ship but should be by next week along with a couple of others. I'm still really excited about all of the new things I've been doing. I have project designs that are already quilted and piled up waiting for me to get the instructions written. It's hard to shift gears when I'm in "design mode" and go from the sewing machine to the computer. I'm gonna have to find some good quilters to make some of the samples for me.

Of course, I'll keep you posted on what's going on. Keep in mind that, if you don't hear from me for a few days, I'm at the sewing machine instead of the computer. And that's good! You can also keep in touch or just keep up by visiting my website here.

Oh...and thanks for all of the questions and comments about Lily! She and Grandpa are back to work together now that Mom has started back to school. Besides being here lots already, she'll be here with me a couple of days a week while Mom and Dad are at work and "Sissy" is at school. They're on an alternative calendar at the school where Katie teaches and Lauryn is in 4th grade now. Lauryn was really excited to get back to school (back to friends!) but it made for an awfully short summer . Still, I'm glad to have Lily here to help me-as only...she...can. Let's just say that I love her with all my heart but I'm glad that there's only one of her. She's a bundle of energy and commotion. But she's also my biggest inspiration. I wish you could see the way she runs up to the Santa Under The Stars table runner and kisses Santa! Here are a couple of recent pics.

Thanks for looking in on me (us) :-)