Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Scribbles

Guess what?! My Scribbles "Meander" collection is now posted in all 23 (!) colorways on the Robert Kaufman website. They'll be arriving in quilt shops soon and, from the emails we've gotten, I know there will be some happy quilters out there :)

Take a look and I hope you like this new group. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

And the survey says.....

I'm hearing about all of the nasty arctic cold going on in so much of the country right now and feeling bad for all of you that don't live HERE in Phoenix where it's cool in a refreshing way! So, today is a good day to ask a new survey question for the next issue Quilting Celebrations;

What's your idea of the "Perfect Picnic"?

We want to know what you would bring, who you would bring, where you would go, and so on. Give us all of the details of the things that would make up a picture-perfect picnic.

Post your comments here and we'll collect them all and you may even see your response printed in the Spring/Summer issue that will be on newsstands May 3rd. So, go wrap yourself in a quilt and warm up thinking of the coming of spring and summer and picnic season and share your thoughts with us!

Friday, January 21, 2011

A whole lotta love!

This is just one of 5 designs in my new collection of machine embroidery applique hearts. These scroll hearts can be stitched two ways - with running stitch details, as shown here, or with chain stitch detailing. Purchase the set, and you'll receive a total of 10 embroidery files for only 14.95.

You'll see a project featuring some of the hearts in the next issue of Quilting Celebrations on newsstands May 3rd. Get them now to have on hand when you pick up your copy!

Of course, they're perfect for Valentine's Day but hearts are useful motifs all year long. Take a look at the collection here and just think of all the things you could create with them :-)

Lucky Shamrock

Take a look at this fun new machine applique embroidery design we've added to our offering here!

Whether you're irish every day or only on St. Patrick's Day, you'll love how easy it is to add a touch of green to your quilted and other creative projects. At approximately 3 x 3", it's the perfect size to add to towels, napkins, baby bibs for the little leprechauns and any other piece you can dream up. We embroidered it into blocks and made a square mini-quilt to hang and we'll get a pic of that to show you soon, also.

I hope you like my whimsical new shamrock design and all of the new embroideries we've been adding to the website. Go check them out!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here's a link to a couple of scans of my new collection, Luminescence,  that will be coming to quilt shops soon! I'll try to get more colors posted when I have the chance. I LOVE this group and I think you will, too!

If you're in Phoenix area, come visit me this afternoon and help with 3 Dudes Quilt Shop a Happy 2nd Anniversary! We'll be there from 2-4 p.m. and, besides all the great fabrics and quilting stuff you'll find, I'm sure you could score some of Frank's freshly-baked cookies!

Have a great Saturday :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

MORE new fabrics coming

The sample yardage of my new collection for Robert Kaufman, "Luminescence", just arrived. It was like opening a box full of colorful twinkling lights. I'll scan some to show you as soon as possible! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A challenging and exciting year ahead!

It's a new year and I've hit the ground running. Those who know me well would say I'm always running and I do like living more uptempo than adagio but even I'm wondering about the pace at which 2011 is going to keep me. It's definitely going to be a challenge and that's always exciting so I'll embrace it and see where this year takes me.

The first place I know it's taking me for sure is to Boulder City, NV, this coming weekend to work with the "Boulder Babes" (perhaps you read about them in the first issue of Quilting Celebrations?). I haven't seen them since July of last year and I don't know if we've ever gone that long without spending time together in the last few years. We're going to be working on the projects that will be featured in the next issue of QC and I can't wait. I'm excited about making the new designs but even more about seeing my friends and catching up and all of the laughs that are a part of our times together.'s like getting another big Christmas present :)

February will bring another exciting challenge and one that's been in the works for awhile so it will be great to see it come to fruition. We begin taping the first few episodes of my show for QNN-TV, Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose. It will be like bringing the magazine to life with some of my friends helping me to show you how to celebrate life's events, holidays, and seasons with quilting and camaraderie! If you're a member of Party with Patrick, you could be one of those friends. :) I hope you'll be a part of the show and magazine from the beginning by joining us on my Quilting Celebrations fan page on Facebook. I'll be giving sneak previews, asking for your input and offering surveys there and would love for you to participate. You may even see your comments in one of the issues! Toward the top of the page, now, is a question asking how you welcome the new year and we need answers so go visit us there and offer your two cents.

I've got a lot of design work beckoning so, even though it's a Sunday, I better get to it so that we have lots of fun things to work on in Boulder City with the "Babes" :) There's nothing like being creative with our friends and I hope 2011 offers you lots of time for that.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year to you and yours! Wishing you only the very best of everything and a happy, healthy and bountiful 2011 :-)