Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just a reminder that my first online course, Quilt Binding Basics, starts in just a few days if you'd like to join us. For more info or to register, click here.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to Des Moines!

I can't believe we've only been home from Des Moines for a week and we're getting on a plane to go back there this afternoon! But I'm as excited for this trip as I was for the last one because this time I'm taping my episodes as host of "Love of Quilting" at Iowa Public Television studios. I love working with everyone there and this time will be very different as I learn the ropes of hosting as opposed to being a guest. I'm used to hosting my own show, "Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose" on, and I hope that's given me the experience I need to host a PBS show with a completely different style. Please cross your fingers and wish me luck!

In the meantime, the 2600 series of "Love of Quilting" is now airing and I hope you're able to watch the 2610 episode which is my newest, as a guest. Mary Fons and I work on my "Chilly Willy" wallhanging project for the winter holiday season. This project is based on my new "White Christmas" fabric collection for RJR Fabrics that should be in your local quilt shops now. If not, you can always find it at The project will be appearing in the October issue of "Love of Quilting" magazine. We'll even have a machine embroidery version of the Chilly Willy character available at that time. You can also use it to create the pillow appearing on the cover of the winter 2015 issue "Quilting Celebrations!" magazine.

That's all for now. It's time to finish least favorite part of a trip :) It will be a busy week but I'll try to post here and on Facebook (link, below) to let you know how it's going.



Monday, August 31, 2015

Autumn Approaches

Despite all of the challengers with computers and wifi while we were away from the studio for more than month, we managed to get our September "Party with Patrick" club materials out on time today. It looks like the three embroidery clubs will be a day late and we're really sorry about that, but the circumstances were really out of our control. If you're a member of our embroidery clubs, thanks for understanding and we're confident that the really cute designs will make up for it.

This month's "Happy Harvest" hot pads/trivets, from "Party with Patrick", are super-easy fusible applique and quick to make using Warm Company's Insul-Bright batting. They're even easier if you have an embroidery machine because you can make the entire hot pad in the hoop, except for the binding. The digitized apple and pear designs even include the quilted grid in the background. Of course you need an 8" or larger hoop to be able to stitch designs like this. If you do, you can get more info or purchase the digital files, here.

It's hard for me to even believe that we're sending out fall designs already but, if the year has to fly by so quickly, at least I can say I love designing for fall and winter! I hope you're ready for what I come up with.


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Almost time to leave.

Today is our last day on the road home to Phoenix after being away a month for our gigs with the Heartland Quilters in North Platte, NE, and the always-great Iowa State Fair. Although I am missing the grandgirls something fierce and can hardly wait for a sleepover with them tonight, it's still a little bittersweet that the trip is over.

We look forward to and plan for the Iowa State Fair all year. It's a big undertaking. Aside from all of the preps and time away from home and the studio, this year we also had wifi challenges at our favorite campground that kept me from getting the work done that I needed to while away. So I have some scrambling to do when I get home in order to get our four membership clubs sent out to members as soon as possible and finish a new fabric collection at the same time. To make matters even crazier, I'm only home until next Saturday when we take off for Des Moines, again, for another 10 days! Why would we do this to ourselves? I'm glad you asked, as that is one of the reasons for my post today.

I've heard from so many of you - especially face-to-face at the fair - that you've enjoyed my appearances on Love of Quilting on PBS during the last few series. Me too! The projects I brought to the show we're very well received and your positive comments were really taken to heart. So much so that I've been asked to come back and appear in half of the episodes in the next series as the host. Yep, the host! That means I have several days of taping next week at the Iowa Public television studios and I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to be a part of bringing you some of the best quilting instruction and personalities in the industry on such a highly-respected show. The 2700 Series will begin airing in December or January. I hope you're as excited about this new endeavor as I am and, if so, please take a moment to share your thoughts on the Love of Quilting Facebook page. The fact that this is even happening proves that your voices are heard.

Well that's my big news for you today but I also wanted to share some of the pics I took at the fair. I was so busy this year that I really had very little time for picture taking or posting. Here are some highlights:

This is the Best of Show quilt created by Mary Shotwell. Exquisite. I love having the opportunity to see all of the 600 or so quilts close up, as one of the 3 judges.

I also had the honor of judging the garments submitted for competition and, although these photos don't do it justice, this coat won Best of Show in this division. The workmanship is truly flawless.

 Here are the winning bocks in the competition for the 2016 Iowa State Fair raffle quilt:

Just a few of the many quilts displayed.

Some of the blocks from the 2015 raffle quilt.

Exhibits and other competitions....

I'm losing my wifi connection again so I'll add more photos when I get reconnected :)