Monday, November 14, 2011

Fresco now available!

If you can't find my new "Fresco" collection in your local quilt shop, it's now available on our website! I've been having a great time making my first designs from it for Christmas of 2012 but you can get your hands on some for the projects you're working on for this holiday season. Scarlet and Parsley, shown here, are the ones I'm pairing for Christmas red and green. They look great with Amber as an accent. (Amber is the background color of the blog page right now.) Start building your stash palette, a little at a time, with a new texture that's great to have on hand for any of your quilting, sewing and craft projects.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's been super crazy and I've been away from home so much that I've really let the blog go. Sorry it's been so quiet here. I'll try to do better.

As you can see, I added "Fresco" to the background. I'm having so much fun using my new marbled/mottled texture (59 colors!!) in my new designs. And there are LOTS of them coming! I'm working on holiday stuff for 2012 and liking the new pieces so much that I wish we could still get them released for this year. But they'll be out early next year so you have plenty of time to make some new pieces for the holidays next year.

"Party with Patrick" is still going strong and even picking up steam. We're adding new shops and just got the first report from Quilter's Corner in Grand Junction, CO. It looks like they had a great first party. Take a look at the pics here. We're looking forward to lots more parties with them!

That's all for now because I'm itching to get to the studio to finish a new project I'm quilting. I'm sure you understand how that is ;-)

Have a great weekend!