Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quilting Celebrations Fall/Winter 2011!

Here it is - the cover you'll want to be looking for at your favorite shop or newsstand beginning September 27th! Just look at the variety of projects offered in the Fall/Winter issue of Quilting Celebrations (click the photo for a larger view). If you'd like to see a few more sneak peeks of some of the projects, watch the slideshow on our website. And several of them have begun to be featured on Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose at

I hope you like what you see so far. I guarantee that you're gonna be busy quilting beginning at the end of September. What a great way to welcome autumn. :)

If your local shop isn't going to carry QC, you can pre-order here. Your copy will be shipped promptly on September 27th.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sassy Sunflowers

More new sunflower machine embroideries are now available here. Sunflowers are great for late summer and throughout fall. But who says they have to be sunflowers? Color them as you wish and make whimsical flowers for all seasons!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

More quilting and camaraderie :)

Take a look at some of the photos from our events this week on the road, here. On to Adel Quilting tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Having fun in Iowa!

I expected no less. The events at Pine Needles and Common Threads were WONDERFUL and we made lots of new friends :)

Happy 7th Anniversary to Common Threads! Wishing you many more years of FUN and success :)

On to Centerville and the Material Girlz guild today and tomorrow and then Adel Quilting on Monday night...can't wait!

Monday, August 8, 2011

On the road....again :)

We're on the road to Iowa again, even though all of the repairs on the Winnebago aren't finished from the last trip there back in June. Some of you may remember from my rant posts that we had a double blowout AND the retractable awning turned into a "sail" on the trip back in some high winds. It's okay, we're gonna be busy on this trip and won't get to use the RV as much as usual. We have 4 events scheduled - appearances and a couple of classes.

The first stop is Cedar Rapids and Pine Needles Sewing Center. We've been there before and LOVE it. If you have a chance to take the class on Wednesday the 10th, click here for information. This place is a true "destination shop". Plan a trip - even if you're not close by. It's worth it! We'd love to meet you there.

Next stop is another favorite shop, Common Threads in North Liberty. I hear there's gonna be Iowa sweet corn involved in this event so I had to sign up :) The pig in this post was designed especially for shop owner, Peg Griffin, and her gang of quilters for a table runner project. I can't wait to see you guys (and your pigs)!

After that is an appearance and class with the Material Girlz guild in Centerville. I don't have a website for them...sorry. We've never played with this bunch before but we already know we like 'em and are really looking forward to this event and meeting a new group of quilters and friends :)

The same goes for the appearance/trunk show at Adel Quilting & Dry Goods in Adel, Iowa on Monday night the 15th. We haven't had the opportunity to visit before but can't wait. We're actually gathering at the library and if you want information, you can contact the shop by visiting here. Wait til you see how cute this shop is in the photo on their website. It screams "Iowa" to me :)

Another thing that screams it is the Iowa State Fair and I wouldn't plan a trip home in August without a chance to attend. It's amazing! You should visit the website - if only to see the line-up of entertainment at The Grandstand....including Janet Jackson, Jason Aldean and Reba! If you're not into that, you can just eat your way through the massive grounds. If it can be put on a stick and/or deep fried, it's available (I don't even no what to say about "deep fried butter on a stick"). I might be persuaded to have a funnel cake (at least) ;-)

So that's my end-of-summer trip home to Iowa - filled with all the best things about it. We're only about 5 hours away now and I'm already anxious!

I hope you'll join us at any or all of the events above. We'd love to see you.


Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm so excited for you to see my new collection for Robert Kaufman Fabrics called Fresco! I've created another mottled texture for your stash-building and we're bringing it to you in 59 colors to start with.

Fresco has a more hand-painted look than any of the other marbled, mottled textures I've designed and we spent a LOT of time in the engraving and strike-off process to be sure that the pieces you find in your local quilt shop will look like the painting that left my studio only a few of months ago!

I hope you'll be as excited as I am to have another textural choice in your stash of blenders and basics. Whenever you want your finished pieces to  have the look of hand-painted fabrics, I hope Fresco will be the fabric you turn to.

I'd love to hear what you think of it.