Monday, October 20, 2008

Ready or not...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted but, if you could see the state my house is in right now, I know you'd understand. I leave tomorrow morning for the drive to Houston for Quilt Market and, although I'm nowhere near ready, I'm excited. Fall Market is my favorite for a lot of reasons but, mostly, because it's where I started in this industry 14 years ago. There are lots of fond memories and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the new offerings and old friends there.

So, I promise to give you a rundown as soon as I get home and collect my thoughts (and clean my house). Wish me luck with the new patterns!

Thanks for looking in on me :)


  1. I've got my fingers crossed for you! Be safe on the trip and be sure to let us know "everything" when you get back!!

  2. Patrick,
    What a time in Houston! I can say that after oh say 3 or 4 minutes with you and Gary we are now officially very close friends. You are officially invited to my shop ANYTIME to share your creativity, completely logical sense of humor and of course that crazy chex caramel mix that you make. Glove and sanitizer not allowed.
    I had a wonderful time in your booth, bring on the hatchets, bird poop and sleepover gone wild. You are a true talent I will buy your fabrics in their entirety!
    Hope to keep up with you,
    Regards, laughs and great wishes,
    Kathy Runyan, aka Tula Pink's mom

  3. Well...I'm waiting! Hope you had a great trip! J