Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cloud 9

Hi All!

I'm completely overwhelmed by the events and happenings at market in Houston and I can't even get it sorted out enough at the moment to tell you all about it. It will have to come in bits and pieces because it's just TMI! In the meantime, take a little video "tour" of our booth at market.

I just had to tell you that I am also really excited about the November Party with Patrick club project and everyone who got a sneak peak at market was thrilled as well. It's really cool and something a little unexpected. I'll be working on getting it out to you very soon if you're a member shop.

Give me some "decompression" time and I'll be in touch about all of the new and wonderful things coming soon (and some that are in the works!)

I hope you're all well and happy!

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