Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chained to the drawing board...

It's a love/hate thing I have for this feeling that there are so many new designs in my head that I can't get them out fast enough. I love the feeling that there isn't a creative block anywhere on the horizon but I hate that I can't realize all of the ideas faster! In any case, I couldn't be happier with my latest round of designs :)

I've got a plethora of ideas for my pattern line, a book, a venture into hand embroidery patterns and also for digitized machine embroidery. We have an online membership club in the works and hope to launch as soon as our new website is up and running in a month or so. The projects for my magazine, Quilting Celebrations, are almost finished and ready to photograph and I love them. I hope you will, too. So, there's a lot going on here, as usual, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My latest fabric design, Fizz, is going gangbusters and Robert Kaufman Fabrics is doing their best to keep up with the orders. Hopefully, it will arrive at an independent quilt shop near you soon. There are a few more designs coming from RK in the near future so there will be no shortage of fun fabrics to play with.

As happens each year, sales have started to pick up for the fall and holiday offerings in my pattern line. It seems you're all starting earlier each year on your holiday quilting and doing more of it! I have lots of fall, holiday and winter designs so you can get going.

Please stop by my fan page on Facebook and also the Party with Patrick fan page for up to the minute info on all that's going on here.

Even with all of this new stuff, it's back to the drawing board for me. I don't use the word "plethora" unless I really mean it.

Don't you have some quilting you should be doing...? ;-)

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