Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quilt Cafe

My good friend and art director of Quilting Celebrations, Tony, sent me an email today wondering if everything was okay because he hadn't heard from me for awhile. I've been so busy that friends wonder if I've slid off the face of the planet. No small wonder with everything that's going on. I'm still kicking, Tony :)

The first event at my new Quilt & Create Studio took place yesterday morning and it was a great success. We offered our first Quilt Cafe, mixing morning coffee, quilting, and camaraderie, and the ladies had so much fun that they've now put in a request to be there as a group every Wednesday. We're going to do it again tomorrow morning and maybe we'll have a new group come in for that. If you're in the Phoenix area and want to hang out and quilt with us in the studio, come on over! We'll be adding events often as we get the studio "up and running" full steam so check the calendar from time to time.

My entire collection of machine embroidery designs for Halloween is now off to the digitizer and I can't wait to start seeing them come to "life" in thread. Amazing Designs, who I've licensed the designs to, has also asked that I get a collection of Christmas designs to them as soon as possible. More specifically - by the end of June. But that really means that I have to have a whole collection of designs to them by the end of next week when we head out on another trip to Iowa. It looks like I won't have time for much breathing until we hit the road. But that's okay. It means I'm finally going to be getting you lots more of the embroidery designs you've been asking for!

I better get to the studio and my drawing board, huh? I hope you all have a wonderful day :)


  1. Quilt Cafe is such a great idea, Patrick! So good of you to share pictures of the studio, we can now visualize the creativity happening there!
    What new ideas and inspiration that will happen during those gatherings!
    Would love to join you all!

  2. Cool. Is this at Quiltz or where is it? Too bad it is not on a Sat. or Sun.

  3. Check the calendar at Quilt Cafe will be offered from time to time on weekends, too. We're trying to find the best days for different events and I'm sure we will try Quilt Cafe on a Saturday later in July. thanks for the input! We are two doors down from Quiltz.