Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New pattern!

My latest pattern, "peace", is now available!

A cat and a cardinal celebrate the season, peacefully, in this 15 x 25" applique banner. It's the perfect welcome to your winter guests.

We also offer some great hangers for displaying it on the website, so take a look.

Check out my patterns and fabrics in your local shop and, if you can't find them there, visit www.patricklose.net.

I hope you like "peace" :)


  1. I love it..... and I have the perfect place to display it.

  2. Love it---hoping ASAP to get and make it

  3. Purrfect. And Peace is such a perfect name for this cute quilt. Love it!


  4. Hi Patrick, I just found your designs....I know, I know..."where have I been all this time???" but I just got into quilting and really love your designs.Recently, I was visiting a blog with a darling folk art Christmas snowman holding a banner of stars over it's head. The blogger just stated that it was a Patrick Lose pattern in a 1996 magazine. After googling and trying to find it, with no success; I was wondering "if" this pattern is still available? If so, where can I buy one??

  5. Hi Desi - Can you direct me to the blog. I think I might know what it is and, if it's what I'm thinking, the pattern isn't available. But send me a link to the blog to be sure.

    Thanks for the kind comments on my work and have fun with it ~ Cheers!