Sunday, March 20, 2011

Artwork for Applique

For those of you who have been requesting some of my artwork as applique templates or line work for applique and redwork embroidery, we're beginning the slow process of making some of it available on the website. Most recently requested is "Patrick's Piggy" and it's now available here :)

These line drawings, some of which are already developed into actual templates for your use, are pieces of artwork that I haven't developed into actual quilting or embroidery patterns. There are no instructions available for projects - you receive only the artwork, in PDF format, for printing onto 8-1/2 x 11" paper using your own printer. All PDFs are delivered by email, to the address you provide at checkout.

"Patrick's Piggy" is a part of a custom-designed quilted table runner project for some friends in Iowa. When they posted photos of their finished runners on my Facebook pages, the requests began to come in from others who wanted the design for various projects of their own such as farm-themed quilts and barbecue aprons!

Maybe you'd like a cute pig on something you're creating?

1 comment:

  1. Patrick!
    I just ordered the fantastic Piggy to be used on my Nephew's apron! He is roasting a pig at our family's reunion (if you remember my request)....never thought you would get it done in time!!! Thank you so much! Thinking that a gift of a dishtowel with the pig appliqued on it would be a great remembrance for each family. How about piggies added to the tablecloths!!! Your are fantastic and I just love it! Thanks so very much...I am going to have a lot of fun!! Now, you have made my day!