Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's HOT!

"It's not the heat; It's the humidity." Whatever.... It IS the heat. Though I live in the Phoenix area now, I spent most of my life in Iowa where the summers can be oppressively hot AND humid. When it's 110 degrees here in May and June it's HOT. Right now it's 99 and not even 10 a.m. I think it got up to 112 yesterday and it looks like at least today and tomorrow will be the same. The excessive heat warnings of the past couple of days continue and summer hasn't begun yet! Okay, I just had to get that out of my system.

It's still better than having to deal with the flooding that has ravaged Iowa and the midwest again. I was there for the floods of '93 and it's devastating. My heart goes out to all of the people affected.

On a lighter note, I wanted to let you all know that, if you take a look at the Robert Kaufman site for my Kona Colorworks yarn-dyed fabrics, there is now an option to click to view the fabrics by color story. Move your cursor over each print to bring it forward and get the information for it. I think it's a cool way to present it and thought you might like to take a look.

Other than that, I'm finishing up the manuscript for my book and starting on some new patterns! I LOVE using the new fabrics and will let you know as soon as I have new things to show you. Thanks for checking in on me and I really do appreciate all of the emails. Don't forget to send photos of anything you've made from my patterns or fabrics too! I'd love to add them to my website. Have a great day!

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