Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let it Snow!

I had the pleasure of going to Cleveland as a representative of The Warm Company last week to tape a segment on America Sews with Sue Hausmann and it was a great time. This was my second appearance on the show and even more fun than the first. We displayed a lot of my quilt projects and newest patterns using their products and talked about them in Sue’s sewing studio. Then I demonstrated how to make a placemat project geared toward children. Sue and the entire crew were great hosts and made the entire experience completely painless.

But I have to say that my favorite part of the trip was that I got to see snow! Everyone on the crew thought I was crazy when they saw how happy I was when the snow started falling but I truly miss it (see the disclaimer below). I’m from Des Moines, IA, originally, and have lived in the Phoenix area for the past 8 years so I don’t get to see it too often. I especially miss it at this time of year and it wasn’t easy putting up my Christmas tree a couple of weeks ago in 80 degree temps. I’m sure many of you think I’m nuts, too, but Christmastime always seemed to be snowy when I was a kid in Iowa. Memories of sledding and snowball fights and building snowmen and snow forts are what I try to bring to mind when I’m designing for the holidays and winter. Of course, snow has its ugly, dark side, and I’ve been witness to that also. I simply choose to repress those memories.

Whether you’re working on a wintertime or holiday project or not, this is the perfect time of year to shift your quilting into high gear. If your world is snowy and cold right now, use it as your inspiration to catch up on all of your quilting projects in the works! And, this is the perfect time to resolve to make more time for quilting in 2009.

Disclaimer: Snowfall must be in small, aesthetically pleasing amounts, during the holiday season, not accompanied by bitter cold, and gone, for the rest of the season, by the time I wake up in the morning on January 2nd.


  1. Love your disclaimer! We live in Mesa and make yearly trips to Payson or Show Low/Pinetop area to "visit" the snow. After a couple of hours, we load back up and come home to the warm temps, happy and satisfied until next year. I was born and raised in the mts. of Colorado so know about the nasty part of snow!

    Also love your patterns and was pleased to see you are in the area.

  2. I love that area of the state, Norma. It's where I go when I need an escape.

    I got an RV a few years ago with the intent of spending lots of time there but it's only driven through :( Then, of course, the gas prices started their climb just after I bought it. Now, with gas prices getting more reasonable, it's starting to look like I can get it out and enjoy it again! I'd give anything to take a month or so and drive it through Colorado during this time of year :-)

    Since we're neighbors, come take a local class of mine if you hear about one. Happy Holidays!

  3. Let it snow! Oh and snow it did in my little piece of heaven yesterday. Now we have those freezing temps this morning, but the best part is NO SCHOOL for the kids. I have posted some snow pics of the kids!

  4. Just wanted to stop in and wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas from COLD and SNOWY Iowa!
    Have a great Holiday! J