Monday, December 1, 2008

My house looks like Santa Claus threw up all over it....

Well, Thanksgiving was great but it's never long enough. I would have taken more time away from work but I'm off to Cleveland for a taping of America Sews and Quilts on Wednesday so I had to get all of the details and project preps ready for that. On top of it all, I have a new book manuscript due in a couple of weeks so it's a little "tense" around here.

But I did manage to get some more time in with the grandkids this weekend. They spent the night with me on Saturday and we put up lots of Christmas decorations inside and out! (Can I tell you how much sheer willpower that takes when temps are in the 70's?) I love this photo I took of Lauryn helping to decorate the tree.

Lily wasn't quite as much help. But I think she's developing a creative streak. When she came across some gift containers with rope handles in the many boxes of Christmas stuff, the first thing she said was "purse". She picked up Pooh and slung a "purse" over her arm and headed for the door saying "bye-bye". She knows the drill. Here are a couple of pics of her with her Christmas purse collection. Of course, the Christmas footies were a must to complete the ensemble!

I hope you're all having fun, too! Thanks for looking in on me :)
P.S. I'm blogging for too if you'd like to take a look.


  1. Oh Patrick, as usual, your blog is heart and hearth warming. I like your quiltmag blog post & you are so right, it takes no time to put together small projects.
    Check out my advent calendar I made for the grandchildren.
    I also recommend your patterns to one of the quilt dash shops.

  2. Love the pictures of the kids.The one of Lauren is neat!
    I agree weather was warm to do the tree-but!

    All the kids have so grown and they make the season bright. Enjoy.
    Love the new pattern made 2 card caddies already
    Candy k