Friday, February 6, 2009

You're invited...

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post but it's been super busy here. I'll get to that in a minute.

But first I want to reassure everyone that I have recovered from the discarded cell phone fiasco. I appreciate, very much, the concern expressed in your comments and emails but, honestly, most of the ranting in my last entry was purely for dramatic effect. It was just one of those days and I needed to vent. To me, it's best to do it in a silly and non-violent way (no matter how inclined toward violence I felt at the time!)

Furthermore, my Christmas tree and all of the rest of the holiday trinkets and trappings are back in their boxes and my house looks like it lost a couple of hundred pounds (because it did). It's a weight off of me, too.

I am getting very close to the formal announcement of my club for quilt shops but there are all of these tiny little details I need to pull together. I'd say I'll be on target for getting a mailing out next week to all of the shop owners who have expressed an interest. A couple of them that I talked to today were ready to sign up right then and there and I really loved their enthusiasm but I have to have it all in order first. Maybe I can get sign-ups going by the end of next week...? I sure hope so.

I think it would be okay for me to go ahead and announce the name I've chosen for the club. We're calling it "Party With Patrick (A monthly dose of Patrick Lose!)™". There are a few reasons I wanted to go with that name.

My birthday is St. Patrick's Day and that's going to be the official start date so that I can remember the anniversary. (Cue crickets chirping....) Just kidding. It's because it's the best party day of the year! St. Patrick's Day is festive and fun even if you're not born on that day. That's what I want the club to be.

With all of the bad news we're being bombarded with these days, I thought it was time for a party. And every month there will be a party in your local quilt shop with a different theme and a new quilted project to work on with your friends. There will also be recipes for snacks to make to bring to the party and other ideas to "get the party started". It will be a place to go to forget about all of the "junk" going on with the economy or the job market or any of those other annoying, not-so-fun aspects of life.

If you're a quilter, you have a stash pile. If you have a stash pile, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying your favorite pastime even though the economy sucks. So I'm going to offer a different pattern and project each month and they're not going to be "throw away" projects, either. They're going to be easy and fun to make and useful.

So, I'm asking you to get to your local quilt shop and tell them you want to "Party With Patrick™" in their shop! If they want information, you know where to find me. I'm really looking forward to this new adventure and I think I can offer a lot of fun to help us through the gloom and doom.

Stay tuned. Happy days are here, again! ;-)

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