Monday, March 9, 2009

Another round!

More Party with Patrick™ festivities and preview events are happening and I just got some photos from Linda and Rick at Little Stitches in Missouri City, TX of their day-long event this past Saturday. They didn't even wait for St. Patty's Day to roll around before pulling out all the stops with everything GREEN! I have to share the note they sent me on the morning after. I didn't get a sense that there were any hangovers from green beer involved so they must have behaved:

Good Morning Patrick,

A quick note to let you know our first Party with Patrick was a big success! The classroom was decorated with St. Patricks Day items. Each student was given a box with their supplies and a schedule. Supplies included material, thread, batting, recipes, templates, instructions and even a strand of green beads. All three recipes were served to the students as either snacks or salad with lunch. (We served corned beef, boiled potatoes and carrots, coleslaw, Emerald Isle Salad, and Irish Soda Bread) The day concluded shortly before five. Everyone had a great time! We are now full for next month's party and have registrations through June. For us, making it a full day all inclusive event seems to be the ticket. Linda will be forwarding you pictures of our first party.

Have a great week and Happy Birthday!

Rick & Linda

So, if this isn't enough to convince you that you need to be a part of our Party, I don't know what will. How about a peek at the first official EXCLUSIVE project for April's party, maybe? Take a look at this and see if you still want to be a wallflower.

Yep, this project is, literally, wall (or door) flowers. And, that's a custom-designed banner hanger you can purchase to go with April's banner project called "May Flowers"! Member shops are already filling their guest lists because their customers want to make this fun and easy project.

Just the two parties featured here, so far, have pulled in enough customers to their shops that they can't accomodate any more. That tells me that quilters are ready for a party and that, if you're a shop owner, you should invite the partiers to your place. So, put away your breakables and pass out the party hats. This party's gonna last awhile!

To join, all you have to do is contact us. Hope all is well with you!

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  1. Pat - I can't find your e-mail at home but I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you on your bday!!! Happy Birthday and happy St. Pat's day! - Gailen