Friday, March 6, 2009

Countdown to party time!

The first Party with Patrick™ event took place last Saturday at Fiddlesticks in Boulder City, NV! Merry Summey, the shop's owner (2nd from the left, above) has been so excited about getting the party started in her shop and her excitement has paid off judging from these photos. It looks like she pulled a great group of ladies together for her shop's club and their first party was a St. Patrick's Day themed get-together to make the St. Pat's Mats free project I offered last month. This was just her preview to the actual parties that will start happening in April.
As I mentioned in my last entry, lots of shop owners have agreed that it's time for a party and are being very creative with their preparations. That's the way to do it! Everybody loves a party and, if you throw a good one, your customers will be anxious to get on the "A" List!

I'm really excited to show you the first month's project but the member shops get to see it first so, unless you join now, you'll have to wait.

Don't be a party pooper! RSVP now and get on the party list. Happy days are here again! :-)

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