Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Party with Patrick and build your stash!

This is just a little peek at part of the prize for my new contest and when you see the whole photo, I'm sure you'll agree, this would be a wonderful prize to win.

In case you haven't heard, Party with Patrick! is my club that's been up and running in independent quilt shops since February of this year. We've been having a blast and I want the party to get even bigger. So I created a fan page for PWP on Facebook as a place for partiers and wannabes to get together and share all the fun. The page is starting to gather some fans but we need more. Here's where you come in.

There are just a few rules for this contest. They're simple but they must be followed to the letter to make you eligible to win:

1) Go to the Party with Patrick fan page (click here) and sign up to be a fan before 5:00 CST on Tuesday, December 22. You don't have to be a PWP member to join.
2) Add a comment to the page that tells us:
a) What you enjoy about the club if you're a member, or
b) Why you'd like to become a member at your local quilt shop
3) PWP is currently only operating in the United States and Canada so you must be a resident of either to be eligible.

That's all you need to do but feel free to add photos or stories from your PWP events if you're already a member. We'd also love to see photos of your finished party projects. That's what the fan page is all about. It's like a scrapbook of the parties and the partiers.

I hope lots of shop owners will enter this contest, too!

If you're not a member, I hope you'll join at your local shop. If they don't offer the club, be sure to let them know you want to PARTY!

Oh...yeah...you probably want to know who won the last contest. Drumroll, please.......

The winner of the 4 fat quarters of Satinesque Stripe is Leslie Stamp! CONGRATULATIONS, Leslie :) Thanks to all who subscribed to my email news list.

I suppose you also want to know what this FABULOUS new prize is? Well, take a look here.

So what do you think of that? Doesn't that make you want to Party with Patrick?

Ho ho ho ;-)


  1. Now that would be fun to do a repeating applique block design, with.
    Will have to go check out your facebook page. I don't think our quilt shops do that type of thing.


  2. I'm a very happy fan on Facebook and follower of your blog.

    And I just posted about your giveaway on my site where I share insights about contests & giveaways: http://sewcalgalcontestinfo.blogspot.com/

    Your new Dot to Dot fabric line is beautiful! Love it!


  3. I would love to Party with Patrick, but I haven't found a quilt shop in Dallas that plays . . . your fabrics and designs ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

    Love the new polka dots!! What fun it would be to design a quilt (or make one of your patterns) inspired by that collection.

  4. Hiya, Sophie. Great to hear from you. You should march into your local shop and tell them you want to party! ;-) Also, if you want to enter the contest, copy and paste your comment on the PWP fan page using the link above. You don't have to be a member of PWP to become a fan on Facebook! Happy Holidays:)

  5. I too would love to Party with Patrick but have yet to find a local shop ready to party. Am a fan of PWP and love your books, patterns and materials! Merry Christmas to everyone!

  6. I too would love to Party with Patrick, but have yet to find a local shop ready to party ... :) Am a huge FAN of Patricks and love your patterns, books and fabrics! Merry Christmas all!!

  7. So glad to find your fan page! I hope to host some parties in our store in 2010!

  8. I just became a fan Patrick! (Shelley C)

  9. 2) I am not a member and there aren't any PWP groups around here...aren't any quilt shops within 200 miles I'd dare say, but I'd like to see what you are up to and maybe participate via the internet?

  10. Hi Everyone....Be sure to post your comments on the PWP fan page to be eligible to win the fabrics!

    The rules are in the post, above.

  11. I sent you an email about the possibility of an online club, Shelley :)

  12. I do live in American Samoa but we have US shipping rates. We do not have any quilt shops in American Samoa....hardly any quilters there...I am trying to change that....I am a fan on facebook now.

  13. Well, I would love to win your dot fabrics, so I am now a member of the PWP on facebook AND I have blogged about it on my blog, too. Not that I want too much competition, but it's such a great giveaway, I thought I would share. Thank you.

  14. ....but we are such nice people here in Australia.... and we like your fabric too...
    Anyway, have a great Christmas - it's a bit hot & sticky here at this time of year!

  15. Hi Carolyn...you ARE such nice people in Australia and I've been trying very hard to get my designs there sooner than they seem to make it, usually. I would LOVE to have my Party with Patrick club there. You'd all take it and RUN with it, I'm sure. See what you can do about getting a shop owner to bring it in, will you? And, in the meantime, have a warm, wonderful Christmas!

  16. Would love to party with Patrick! What a great prize. Happy Holidays

  17. Sounds like so much fun. And I just love all of the Patrick Lose patterns. So bright and fun. If I join the club I would be sewing with the biggest smile on my face.

  18. I have joined PWP on Facebook, but cannot find your group in Utah, perhaps I can do it online?
    Anyway, I love any and all of your fabs, but my most favorite of all is "dotty" fabrics. The colors are just beautiful and would make any quilt just "pop".
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  19. Hi Nettie...If they don't offer it at your LQS, you should ask them to. Good shop owners will offer what their customers want! And the ones offering it are having a great time with their customers.

    We are building an online club program now, as well. If you visit the Discussions on the PWP fan page you'll see one started on club brainstorms. Please add your wish list, okay?

    Thanks for your interest! :)

  20. I'm too late for the contest! Darn it! But I plan on becoming a follower. You have cute ideas and that collection of fat quarters were beautiful. I'm a fellow arizonian, so maybe I will catch up with you someday