Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A lucky day for a fan!

I was so looking forward to an uninterrupted, creative day at the studio. Ri-i-i-ight - First thing this morning, the fridge breaks down. We get a repairman...could just be a switch...blah, blah, blah. Pay him 50 bucks to tell us to trash it and get a new one. So, within an hour, I buy a new fridge, so that we don't also lose everything in the freezer. This couldn't have happened at another time of year, maybe?

Oh well...not my lucky day. But it is Dorothy Fry's lucky day because she is the winner of a signed copy of "A Patrick Lose Christmas" and a stack of Satinesque Stripe fat quarters!!! All that, just for being a fan on at least one of my fan pages. Congratulations to Dorothy and thanks to ALL of you for entering! Be on the lookout for more contests in the future only for fans ;-)

And, I hope your day is luckier than mine!


  1. Congratulations to Dorothy, definitely a lucky fan and I am sure, one happy lady today. I am trying to finish up some swap items, then I can get to having fun with my things. I wanted to use the ribbon material for something christmas and fun. I did find a snowflake, now if i can figure out how to make just one at a time.


  2. Congrats to Dorothy for winning your give away!
    Hope your day yesterday went a little smoother Patrick! Mine certainly did, I finally found your magazine Quilting Celebrations! I couldn't wait to look through it so I took it to my daughters orchestra concert last night. While waiting for the groups to start, I was dreaming in my head what I can make. My Mom just starting quilting so I'm definitely going back to get another copy to send her! I know she will love it as well. I'm hoping to find where to subscribe for this since there wasn't a card in my magazine to subscribe. I think what I like the most about your magazine is the projects were small and look doable in a short time. All my other projects seem to take 3 years from start to finish. Sometimes I just need some quick therapy! Thanks Patrick