Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Machine Embroidery designs now available

Check out some of the new machine embroidery designs now available on the website! They're easy to get to with new website navigation. Just click on Machine Embroidery in the menu!

This is only the beginning. We'll be offering lots more designs in the future and our machine embroidery club will also be offered online, soon.

We're very excited about all of the possibilities and we hope you are, too. You've been asking for my designs in machine embroidery and now they're here :)



  1. That is such a fun design.
    I need to see what is on my machine, haven't even used the embroideries yet and hoping I have a small snowflake.


  2. Will we be able to purchase these designs from our local shop?

  3. These embroidery designs are only available on our website, Alice. We don't offer electronic files wholesale to shops. Thanks for taking a look!