Monday, January 24, 2011

And the survey says.....

I'm hearing about all of the nasty arctic cold going on in so much of the country right now and feeling bad for all of you that don't live HERE in Phoenix where it's cool in a refreshing way! So, today is a good day to ask a new survey question for the next issue Quilting Celebrations;

What's your idea of the "Perfect Picnic"?

We want to know what you would bring, who you would bring, where you would go, and so on. Give us all of the details of the things that would make up a picture-perfect picnic.

Post your comments here and we'll collect them all and you may even see your response printed in the Spring/Summer issue that will be on newsstands May 3rd. So, go wrap yourself in a quilt and warm up thinking of the coming of spring and summer and picnic season and share your thoughts with us!


  1. Wow! I would bring my hubby, of course with one of our quilts to sit on. We'd have one of those old fashioned baskets with china, crystal, silverware, napkins our favorite sandwiches, chips and strawberry shortcake and of course iced tea with shaved ice (non-alcohol).

    The perfect picnic would find us sitting in an open field by a babbling brook, the sun shining with a zephyr of a breeze blowing and just taking in the majesty of Mother Nature and admiring all the miracles around us.

  2. For us, a perfect picnic is on an island off the coast of maine, after a long paddle. Sitting on the beach with fresh fruits, homemade cookies, sesame see black chips and lots of water and OJ. We are strange people;)


  3. Good Sourdough Franch bread, good cheese, extra virgin olive oil, grapes, wine (if you want it, I prefer a good apple cider) in the middle of a vineyard in Sonoma County. Oh, and it has to be fall when the leaves are changing color - my favorite time of year in my old stomping grounds

  4. My ideal picnic would include water - a creek, a stream or a river will do. Food of course, barbecued, including corn on the cob and shish kabobs and watermelon. I like potlucks the best, with a variety of foods to sample and choose from. A frisbee or a ball, and a pretty woods-like area to hike in. The people would be my extended family, although others are also welcome to come. The weather would be comfortable, and the sun shining. And of course, a camera to remember it all.

  5. Hmmm....well, I have had many perfect picnics. My perfect picnic would be in Goderich, Ontario on Lake Huron beach with my hubby, comfy lawn chairs, thermos of coffee, and a homemade lunch. Pair that with a good book, some redwork and being able to take a dip in the lake whenever it got too hot and you have my vision of paradise. Thanks, Patrick, for the memory now that it's -30 outside at the moment! Spring can come anytime now!