Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just Beachy!

As the weather begins to warm up (we've already hit 100 degrees here in Phoenix!) it's time to start thinking about creative summertime projects.

Here's a new collection of embroidery designs that are "Just Beachy"! They're perfect for towels, t-shirts, napkins and placemats or even the 12" mini quilt I've designed for our Embroidery Club at my Quilt & Create Studio. The project sheet is a bonus included with your purchase of the embroidery files available here:

I'm ready for a day at the beach - how about you?


  1. By the time it is warm enough to go to the beach, there are too many people, lol. I love to go now, before they get there.


  2. When it gets to hot over there Patrick come on over and visit the real beach...the real cold one that is! Awesome pics!