Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We want to hear from you!

It's hard to believe but, with the arrival of the Spring/Summer issue of Quilting Celebrations only a week or so away, we're hard at work on the Fall/Winter issue! Thankfully, all of the projects were designed in cooler weather because we're warming up fast and it's hard to design for the holidays in the heat of the desert. But, I'm working on some of the features and I'd like to hear your answer to this question;

Gift wrap or gift cards? I you buy/make gifts or rely on gift cards for your giving at the holidays?

Your answer may be published in the Fall/Winter issue so give this some though and let me know what you have to say on the subject! Post your answer as a comment here or go to the QC Facebook page and comment on the post there. One more thing - I'll need to hear from you within the next week if you'd like a chance a chance at being included.



  1. It depends on the person. My son prefers money or gift cards.
    My daughter loves handmade quilts and I also have made her some fun wall hangings for her place. I always make gifts for my friends, so love smaller wall hangings and gifts that I can customize to their tastes. For me, giving a handmade gift to someone, that was made just for them, is what truly makes me happy during the holidays.


  2. Turn down the A/C Patrick and that should cool you off a bit...oh yeah, then again you get that electric bill in Phoenix summers...Ouch!

    I combine gift cards and gifts depending on where the person lives. If they are close to me, I will make them something or purchase them a gift. But if they live where it would cost more to mail a gift, I sent them gift cards!

  3. Our family prefers handmade gifts so I make the gifts but sometimes we give gift cards depending on the person. We have several family members in college so I make them their gifts but we also give them gas cards because the cost of gas has skyrocketed so that takes more stress off them during the holiday season when they commute home for the holidyas.

  4. If it's a gift for my mother, there is nothing better to buy her then a gift certificate to her favorite quilt shop. She way she can buy the fabric for her next quilting adventure.