Friday, December 2, 2011

Cool new embroideries!

Click on the photo for details and ordering info.
Click on the photo for details and ordering info


  1. Very Cute Designs, Patrick!
    Love Santa!!

  2. Thanks, Jes! Good to hear from you. Happy 2012!

  3. Happy 2012 to you and family!

    I have your latest Quilting Celebrations issue and hopefully as things start to settle, I'll be able to get more sewing done. In the meantime, the magazine has traveled with me, across the U.S. a few times, as I attempt to be in 3 places at one time...!

    I hope you enjoy the creativity through designing and travel around to see as many of your fans as possible this year (or fans can travel to see you!) How is the Quilt Cafe going?

    I'm in the Pacific Northwest for a few more days and then its back to the Midwest for a couple months. I'm going to miss "my trees"... love the Pines and Spruces (is Spruces a word?)!


  4. Sounds as though you're busy! I know the feeling. I wish I got to travel more and could enjoy it but, until I learn how to create more time in a day...week...year, it will be hard to fit more in!

    I'm really glad you like QC. Just getting started on the Fall issue and 4 more episodes of the show. See what I mean about time ;-)

    Hugs to you, too! :)