Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A taste of Fresco

Fresco has been even more well-received than I had hoped and you may not have it in your area yet due to availability. If you can't find it at your local independent quilt shop, take a look at our web shop and build your stash with these new Roll Ups and Charm Squares. What a great way to add some color to your stash's palette in Brights, Lights and/or Darks :)

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Patrick, Is the Fresco collection similar to your collection of marble blenders you did for Hi-Fashion back in '96? I'd love to get more of a light blue one I have that I just love for skies. Helle-May

  2. Hi Helle-May, You can take a look at all of the colors here: http://www.patricklose.com/shop/Fabric/Fresco.htm

    We're adding 39 more colors in July, I believe. The print is not as "loose" as Marbble Mania from Hi-Fashion/Timeless Treasures. This is a more dense texture in a tighter print, if that makes sense. I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your interest!