Monday, September 29, 2008

I need your input!

I spent the afternoon yesterday with my friends at Quiltz in Phoenix promoting the class I'll be teaching there on my Sugar & Spice pattern on Friday, November 14th. It was a great time and I met lots of nice people and got to play show-and-tell with all of my new patterns and samples. I'm really looking forward to the class. I'll also be teaching a new pattern that hasn't been published yet at Cotton Fields Quilt and Knit on Thursday of this week and that one will be a great time as well.

There's something in the works that I'm going to "leak" a little bit so that I can get your thoughts. A local shop owner approached me about starting a "Patrick Lose Club" for quilt shops and their customers. Clubs are nothing new but we think we can put together an original one with a lot of fun ideas and perks for the people who love using my patterns and fabrics. What would appeal to you in a club of this sort? What I want to know is this: Are you more interested in getting existing patterns or occasional offers of patterns and fabrics at a reduced price? Or would you like to have access to exclusive club-only pattern and craft designs? Do you like attending party-like events and classes at your favorite local quilt shop? Would you participate in online aspects of the club (coupons, a forum, blogging, downloading designs)?

I have LOTS of ideas! In fact, the only reason we can't just start it up right now is that we need to weed out some of the ideas so we aren't bombarding you all at once with everything. If you have ideas for my club that you'd like to share, please contact me or comment here. That will help us to know what YOU want and keep us from weeding out something you'd like. And, if you want my club in your local shop, the best thing to do is to contact the shop owner and have them contact me with their ideas and input.

Rest assured this won't be your average, ordinary quilt shop club. And I'd like you to be involved from the beginning as a part of our little "focus group"! So get your thoughts together and let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking in on me :)


  1. Yes--I would love to see a club of some sort with your fabrics--they are great. I have been trying to obtain some more fabric that you designed back in 1996 -- light green mottled with white in background. You designed it for Hi-Fashion Fabrics (c)1996. I bought in the early 2000 years. Trying to finally finish this quilt using your fabrics and now have run out your green fabric. Any help in getting a resource to get more would be appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the comments! Can you email a scan of it to me so I know which one you mean? Maybe if I knew the name of the collection I could help you find it. Give me as much info as you can. Thanks again!

  3. This is a fabulous idea - I am game for anything you are promoting! It would have to be an online thing for me because I live in Ontario, Canada. I know this is the heart of Mennonite quit shows but I don't think the quilt shops around these parts are too familiar with your designs (although we can always collectively re-educate!) . Not long after I started quilting, I tried to find the complete line of 'Panic in Provence' and was met with dumb stares.....I mean COME ON!!!
    So, yes! Count me in and how can I help?

  4. Thanks, Silvia! "Panic" is still my favorite conversational collection and I've thought about a "Panic in Provence 2: The Chickens' Revenge" collection. Maybe when things slow down a bit. I'd love to hear what would interest you in the online aspects of the club. Feel free to email me with any ideas and thanks a lot for your comment.