Friday, September 12, 2008

To market, to market...

The last week has been absolutely crazy but I'm still kicking. I decided after lots and lots of consideration and brainstorming that I'm going to take the plunge and exhibit at Quilt Market in Houston at the end of October.

This isn't my first rodeo but it's the first time I've gotten a booth for myself and that I'm taking on all of the details and preparations (not to mention all of the expense) myself. I wanted to wait until my pattern line grew enough to be more marketable to the shop owners who attend. With the blast of all of the
new holiday patterns, it looks like it's big enough to take a stab at it. The orders have been coming in and growing on a daily basis and I have to say a big "thank you" to everyone who's been buying my patterns and books!

The thought of "I've bitten off more than I can chew" set in almost immediately and the to-do- list is horrificly long. Besides having to decorate a reasonably appealing booth, including making (or finding help to make) all of the booth drapes out of my new fabrics, there are so many samples of my patterns to make. I'll be spending the weekend doing some of that. I haven't had a free weekend in awhile but I don't even care. I'm pretty pumped about doing this and about how all of the hard work, and long hours seem to be paying off. I love what I do and it makes it even better when it's so well received. So thanks, again, for helping me get my line off the ground and wish me luck at market!

I know you'll understand if the blog updates aren't too frequent in the meantime but I'll try to get a word in now and then. Thanks for looking in on me :)


  1. Dear Patrick -

    Bestest of Luck! Enjoy getting ready for the Market and have a wonderful time there! Everyone is going to be so happy to see you.

    ~ Jes

  2. I know you will have a smashing success at market! Your patterns are all just way to cute! I'm still not finding your fabrics in Iowa. :-( Guess I'm going to have to start shopping on line more!

  3. Thanks, Jami and Jes! I've been cranking out more designs this weekend so be on the lookout ;-)