Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Booming Party!

It's happened again....another Party with Patrick has outgrown its venue! I just posted a couple of days ago how Fiddlesticks had to move the Party out of the shop and into the Boulder Dam Hotel conference room across the street. Today I got this email announcement to her customers from Peg at Common Threads in North Liberty, Iowa:

"For those of you who have not been able to join us for a Party with Patrick, now is the time! Patrick Lose, designer and quilter, hosts parties at Common Threads the last Thursday of every month. He sends a design exclusive to the party, a party theme and recipes to share. Common Threads has only been able to accommodate ten people at these parties until now. Thursday, January 27th, we will open it up to all. Please join us at the South Slope Community Center for Party with Patrick!"

Peg is blatantly trying to overtake a couple of other shops for the position of biggest PWP (most members). I'll root for any of you that take this on - knowing that, as with any party, the MORE the merrier! I think a lot of participating shops have realized this, too.

So, CONGRATULATIONS to Peg and the gang at Common Threads. We miss you guys and I wish I could be there for your "expansion". I know you won't let the cold and ever-accumulating white stuff spoil a good party.

Don't forget about our Party with Patrick retreat in Coralville, Iowa at the beautiful Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Be sure to take the photo tour on their website (Iowa is beautiful). We're starting to get sign-ups for the retreats so reserve your spot now before they fill up!

That's all for now. Yesterday's "day-of-designing" didn't quite pan out so I'm gonna try again today. You want new stuff, right?

Have a happy Friday :-)

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  1. I can't wait to see what new ideas, you come up with.
    For now I am taking a brain break and working on other's patterns.