Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do I hear teeth chattering?

From what I hear on the news, it's most likely cold where you are. I heard last night that there were 5 U.S. states where the temperature wouldn't be above zero overnight. Please don't hate me for living in the Phoenix area. I spent 40 winters in Iowa before I moved here. But I also have to say I STILL miss winter in Iowa. Yeah, the cold and wind gets old fast but I love the snow.

So, if you're over the winter already and can't just drop everything and go off on a warm-weather getaway, maybe you'd like to work on a quilting project that helps to take your mind off of the sound of bitter cold winds whistling at the windows and doors and warms you up a little on the inside. My Tropical Table Toppers pattern may be just the ticket to that balmy place in your dreams.

Anyone who is a fan on my Party with Patrick Facebook fan page and comments there by the end of the work day on Tuesday, January 11th, will be entered for a chance to win the pattern. Click here, become a fan and add a quick comment telling us how you're feeling about winter where you are (no profanity, please). That enters you in the drawing. We'll draw for the prize on Wednesday and you could have a Tropical Table Toppers pattern by next weekend!

Just doing our part for shivering quilters everywhere.

Stay warm! I'm back to the drawing board :-)


  1. I am already a fan. My teeth are not chattering since I live just west of you. I spent 25 years in the tundra of New England so I deserve to be where I am now. Please pick me, please, please???

  2. As long as you post your comment on the Facebook fan page, as instructed above, you're entered :)

  3. I'm a MN fan...we've had a heatwave today...14*!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this pattern!