Friday, April 17, 2009

Someone's Getting a "Partying" Reputation!

Photos and stories have started to come in from the April parties and I'm sorry I'm a little behind posting them because of all of the other news to share lately. I got a note from Rick and Linda at Little Stitches Sewing Center after their second party on April 4th. They've only had two parties and I'm already looking forward to hearing from them every month because they go all out and really know how to party. AND because they're so good about sharing their parties with us (this is a not-so-subtle HINT to some other shops out there!)

Here's the note I got from them:

Hi Patrick,

Saturday was another "Party With Patrick" day and everyone had a great time. As before, we made our party an all day event. We served a springtime-themed lunch of soup and grilled chicken salad and followed up in the afternoon with your scones and lemon curd. What a hit! Thought you would like to see the attached pictures.

Thanks again!
Rick & Linda
Little Stitches

Now you should take a look at the photos they sent. Get a load of the lunch they served! Like I said, they know how to throw a party. It looks like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing the day with us, Rick and Linda.

There are lots of other shops out there that have promised to send photos and the scoop on their parties so...get with it, slackers! ;-) Sherry, from Calico Cupboard, sent some and I promise to get them posted soon. It looks like her gang had a great time as well.
It's very rewarding to me to see that you're all enjoying this program that I really feel is a great way to connect quilters, create new friendships and foster old ones, and to bring this celebration of our favorite pastime to the centers of the quilting communities around the world...local quilt shops!

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