Friday, June 19, 2009

Break Time

I have a bad habit of not pulling myself away from work once in awhile so I decided to stop working around lunch time today. My friend, Gary, and I went to eat at The Corner Bakery and then went to pay a vist to one of the local quilt shops, The Quilter's Bee. It's always nice to stop in there and visit with Margaret and the "gang".

The shop isn't as far from my house as some of the other local shops so, when I have a little time to get out of the studio, I try to drop by with some of the new things I've been working on to get their reactions and opinions. They're good for my ego, that's for sure. I love the support I get from quilt shops and I try to offer mine to them whenever possible.

Tomorrow I get to spend the afternoon at another local favorite, 3 Dudes Quilting. I'm really looking forward to meeting more local quilters and just having a relaxing afternoon at another shop.

Since I took a break from work this afternoon, I'm not gonna get into what I've been working on the past few days. You'll find out soon enough ;-)

Thanks for looking in on me.


  1. Dear Patrick,
    How was the trunk show yesterday?!
    I visited the link to 3 Dudes Quilting,
    enjoyed reading the article about you.....
    costume credits, how did I miss that in your bio?! Fascinating! I have a habit of watching the making of movies, just to see the Art Production and Costume Designs - it's "art in action"!
    Looking forward to seeing what you've been
    working on!

  2. Hi Jes...great to hear from you! I'm like you; sometimes I'd RATHER watch the making of a movie than the actual movie. I love the whole difficult as it can be. I'm actually yearning a bit for a show to design. It's been years.

    Things are crazy busy but good and the event at 3 Dudes was a blast...great people! Hope all is well with you :-)

  3. Dear Patrick,
    You never know,
    maybe a project will come your way
    that you can design for, just for
    the fun of it!
    It's busy here, we are up in the Kettle Falls/Colville/Chewelah area....I've found
    a Farmers' Market that fits my schedule and am surrounded by lovely people! There's an event coming up called, Chataqua, which is a huge deal here that I'm looking forward to seeing - it's a 3-day Arts & Crafts show.
    Never thought I'd enjoy going out for drives, but this area is perfect for it!

    It looks like the Quilting Shops are
    keeping you busy - how fun is that!
    You get to meet your fans!
    Enjoy! and have fun w/family this

  4. Hi Jes,

    Is that where you live or are you vacationing? Either way, I'll bet it's near heaven. Looks like the type of area where I'd LOVE to live.

    Farmers' Markets are wonderful and I miss them a lot here. I'll get to go to a couple when I'm at home in Iowa in August and then the Iowa Stae Fair which is a "can't miss". You'd love it.

    I hope you're enjoying sumnmer as well!! :) Patrick