Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Profitable Kind of Party!

I just got an email from Barb Geraldi, at The Yankee Quilter in Oxford, CT. They just had their first Party with Patrick!™ today. For the shop owners out there who haven't yet figured out why they should join us, I thought I should pass on an excerpt from Barb's email:

"Oh My God - Party with Patrick kick-off today and I didn't move from the register for 2 solid hours! The ladies loved the projects and the ideas and everyone was very excited. Somewhere around 30-40 people (participated)...."

Looks like The Yankee Quilter could be pushing to become one of the biggest parties in the bunch with their first try!

Thanks for the update, Barb, and I'm anxious to watch you and Cheryl make it even more successful. Don't forget to take some pics to share next time!

Patrick ;-)

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